Lockdown in your kitchen

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to spend more time indoors, the kitchen has definitely become the heart of our homes as we use them for allsorts of activities and purposes.

Here are 7 ways to use your kitchen during lockdown…

1. Cooking

It seems obvious as we already cook in the kitchen but lockdown has given many of us the time to learn new culinary skills such as bread making.

Working from home means we can prepare for dinner at lunch, keep an eye on pots bubbling away throughout the day, leave dough to rise while we catch up on emails or simply get started on dinner earlier.

2. Crafts

Spending time on creative pursuits and crafts can help temporarily relieve stress from the outside world. Whether it’s candle making, painting, cross-stitching, macramé, or soap making, your kitchen can become a creative hub.

You can use supplies from your pantry, fridge and kitchen cupboards to get creative with the kids too by making homemade slime, play dough or print stamps with fruit and vegetables.

3. Classroom

With the schools shut many of us are using our kitchens for home schooling our children. But this doesn’t have to mean just sitting and doing sums at the table because you can get your kids trying out some cool science experiments such as erupting lemon volcano.

4. Office

Many of us have been working from home and if you haven’t got a home office or study then the kitchen can be turned into a workspace. Setting up your computer at the kitchen table or island means you can also keep an eye on dinner cooking and you don’t have far to go to make coffee (or for a sneaky snack).

5. Connecting with friends & family

Connecting with friends and family has become very important to all of us during the lockdown and many of us are using our kitchens to make video calls to loved ones. Sharing details such as what you are cooking for dinner have helped us to feel closer to each other.

6. Home Gym

If your kitchen is big enough you can clear some space and turn it into a home gym with a treadmill or exercise bike. Set up your computer and roll out your mat for some online yoga or Pilates.

Even in a small kitchen you can complete your daily workout with some countertop push-ups and kitchen sink squats.

7. Plan your new kitchen

Lockdown is also a great time to plan your new kitchen. With more time on our hands at the moment, this is the perfect opportunity to do lots of research from home – all you need is online access and your imagination!

At Vale Designs our workshop is back up and running where we are taking precautions to keep our team and customers safe.

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