Give your kitchen design more depth with pan drawers

There are few things more satisfying than a well-organised kitchen. It’s a simple thing but having a place for everything in one of the busiest rooms in your home just makes life easier.

One of the best ways you can save space, time and stress in your kitchen is by introducing pan drawers into your kitchen design.

What are pan drawers?

Deeper than standard drawers, pan drawers are great for storing and organising bigger, heavier kitchen items.

Usually, they are placed near the cooker (for easy access to pots and pans) or within a kitchen island to make food preparation that much easier.

Why use pan drawers rather than cupboards?

It all depends on what you intend to store within your pan drawers. If you want somewhere that you can easily access heavy pots, they are an excellent option for the following reasons:

  • There’s no bending or kneeling required. You simply reach into your drawer to find what you need.
  • Pan drawers extend all the way out to enable you to see everything inside.
  • It’s easier to store heavier items such as cast iron dishes, glass jugs and crockery.
  • They have a sense of grandeur about them and are easy to open.

Can pan drawers be used to store other items?

Absolutely. The beauty of pan drawers is that they are deep and strong enough to store almost anything.

They’re particularly good for storing plates, bowls and mugs as you can simply lift them out rather than having to awkwardly justle around a cabinet.

Most people will give their pan drawer a purpose. So, it could be that you dedicate one drawer to all your baking equipment and supplies and another to your cooking pans and baking trays.

As with all drawers though, it’s a good idea not to over-fill so that you can see where everything is. Look how the owners of one of our bespoke kitchen designs below have organised their Denby ware. They’ve carefully placed their crockery in size order and given enough room between each item to avoid any chipping.

Pan drawers with Denby wear crockery
Pan drawers used to store crockery

If you’re worried about chipping, though, there’s an easy solution to this. Pan drawers can also be outfitted with specialised inserts such as a peg system to keep dishes, coffee mugs, and other items organised and spaced apart. 

What makes pan drawers so strong?

How much weight a pan drawer can withstand will depend on how it is made. Given their resistance to withstand being pulled, we use dovetail joints within all our kitchen drawers, including pan drawers. The series of precisely cut ‘pins’ extend from the drawer front and back panels interlock with ‘tails’ cut into the sides of the drawer to provide exceptionally strong drawers.

Can pan drawers be made in different sizes?

Yes, that’s one of the many benefits of opting for a bespoke kitchen design. You can decide just how deep you would like your pan drawers to be. For example, some designs feature shallower drawers with custom storage for cooking utensils, spices and accessories.

Of course, pan drawers can also be made deep enough to house some of the appliances you’d rather keep hidden away such as slow cookers, smoothy makers and food processors.

The important thing to remember is that a bespoke kitchen design is created specifically for you.

An important aspect of our kitchen design process is understanding the ergonomics of your space (how you intend to use your kitchen). When we meet you, we consider all the design possibilities to maximise your space.

You’re more than welcome to pop along to our workshop in Aldringham where you can come and explore some of our storage solutions. Just remember to give us a call before you set off – that way we can make sure we have the kettle on and we’re free to discuss your design options.